Tips to Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves

If you experience one criminal act in your life, it is likely to be a car theft. More than three-quarters of a million vehicles were stolen in the calendar year of 2016. Surprisingly, not just new cars are the favorite targets of thieves. Any car is at risk. Learn how to protect your vehicle to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

You can provide visual cues in your vehicle that will deter auto theft. Steering wheel locks indicate to a thief that it will take a long time to steal the vehicle. Similarly, VIN etchings on the window make a vehicle undesirable because it is immediately identifiable. You can also try using warning decals to let car criminals know that the vehicle is anti-theft equipped.

Vehicle recovery systems work very well as a theft deterrent. No thief wants to take the risk that the car will become disabled as they operate it. Using this type of system has excellent deterrent value.

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