Do you usually opt for minimal maintenance with the lowest initial cost to keep your Mitsubishi running? Most people aren’t excited about spending money on car maintenance, but there are long-term financial benefits of choosing the high-quality versions of some basic car products. Choosing the next level of products can help you enhance your Mitsubishi's performance, make your driving experience safer, extend the life of your car, and they may even save you money in the long run. Here are three things that are worth the additional costs to trade-up to.

1. Select the proper windshield washer fluid.

Think that all windshield washer fluid is the same? Well, think again. There are a variety of different types of windshield washer fluid and depending on the climate you live in and the degree of driving that you do, there is a windshield washer fluid type that is best for you. Some low-grade washer fluid formulas are so ineffective they are basically like using water, while others are designed specifically for buggy areas or to help de-ice your windshield. Using a proper windshield washer fluid to keep your front windshield clean in between car washes is an integral part of having a safe driving experience. So instead of just grabbing the first windshield washer fluid you see to refill the reservoir, take a look at the options out there and what works best for your driving.

2. Replace conventional oil with synthetic oil during oil changes.

Every time you get your oil changed, you’re faced with the same question: “What type of oil is best?” Make the best decision by understanding what the oil does in your car, what synthetic oil is and the benefits. Oil protects critical engine components from damage and synthetic oil is somewhat of a man-made oil. The process to make the synthetic oil creates a consistent molecular size that reduces friction with engineering that reduces deposits. This means you’ll have a cleaner oil with fewer impurities that has additives designed to protect and clean your engine.

Even better, synthetic oil frictions better than conventional oil in cold and extreme weather conditions. It all adds up to fewer emissions, better fuel and oil economy, and a quicker engine start time. In a variety of industry-standard tests, synthetic engine oils performed an average of 47 percent better than conventional oils. So although you have a higher initial investment cost, choosing synthetic oil benefits your car and your wallet because it could be worth it further down the road.

3. Performance air filters.

Your car’s air filter works to prevent dust, debris, dirt and bugs from reaching the engine during combustion and it does need to be changed occasionally to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Usually when you go to get your oil changed, your mechanic will check the air filter as well and let you know if it should be changed or not. Just like your oil and wiper fluid, you have options, including Performance Cotton Air Filters, Reusable Performance Air Filters, and Standard Paper Air Filters. Performance Cotton Air Filters are the most effective of air filters allowing the maximum amount of air to circulate the engine with the Reusable Performance Air Filters also being efficient to let enough air into your engine.

Both of these types of air filters need to be cleaned every 50,000 miles by simply using compressed air but should last the lifetime of the vehicle. Whereas the Standard Paper Air Filters need to be changed every 15,000 miles and should be replaced instead of cleaned. The environment where you live and drive can also impact on your air filter. If you frequently drive in an unusually dusty and dirty environment, like gravel or dirt roads or live near the beach where there is sand in the air, you should always install the highest quality air filter available and increase the interval between replacements.

Switching to a performance air filter is good for your car, your wallet, and the environment. You may save money over time only having to purchase one air filter for the life of the car, it can make your car more efficient, and the reusable filter makes better use of natural resources and reduces waste. Investing in your car is easier when you do your scheduled service at Sarasota Mitsubishi service department. Take a look at our monthly specials here. 
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