October is Car Care Awareness Month

October is Car Care Awareness month and we’re highlighting ways you can care for your car, inside, outside and under the hood. Things like a dirty vehicle may not seem like a big deal but even a small layer of grime has the potential to prematurely age your car. Here’s the complete list of tips from Sarasota Mitsubishi.

Exterior Car Care

1. Regularly wash and wax your car.
Keeping the exterior free from road salt, pollen, and tree sap can help your paint job last and prevent rust.

2. Fix the dents and dings.
A dent can crack your car’s sealant over the paint leading to paint degeneration and the way for rust and corrosion to jump right in.

3. Use dressing on your tires.
Prevent your tires from prematurely aging with tire dressings. They are often labeled as shine creators or tire protectors.

4. Check the bulbs.
Regularly check your vehicle for burned out headlights or signal lights to stay safe on the roads at night and in bad weather conditions.

5. Change wiper blades and fluid.
Wiper fluid and wiper blades keep your windshield clear, but over time the rubber can become cracked, misshapen, or stiff.

Interior Car Care

6. Make sure the defroster works.
Essential for getting rid of icy or foggy windows, your defroster system could be affected by malfunctioning buttons, problems in the vents, low antifreeze or even a blockage in the fresh air intake.

7. Test the air conditioner.
Testing your vehicle’s AC regularly can make sure you’re aware of any issues before it becomes a larger problem.

8. Detail the cabin area.
Just like cleaning your home, deep cleaning the carpet, leather, and surfaces of your car will keep it fresh and protected.

9. Lose the clutter.
Jackets or blankets that seem to be covering valuables in your car could tempt potential thieves, but just plain upholstery isn’t likely to attract interest.

10. Change the air filter.
Air filters can become stiff and brittle over time so changing them will keep the air in your car’s cabin fresh and clean.

Engine Car Care

11. Get your brakes serviced.
In a National Motor Vehicle study, brake-related problems caused 22% of critical car crashes. Be sure to get them checked regularly and serviced when needed.

12. Replace or refill all fluids.
Watch for leaks on the ground and regularly check the levels of your coolant, wiper fluid, and oil. 

13. Test the battery.
Sarasota Mitsubishi can do a free battery check so you aren’t caught off guard when your battery stops holding a charge.

14. Check your tire pressure.
According to a Department of Transportation survey, nearly 12% of the nation’s passenger cars have at least one tire underinflated by 25% or more. Learn how to avoid a flat or an accident here.

15. Watch for aging belts and hoses.
Your mechanic can check to make sure your belts and hoses are connected and secure when you take your car in for an oil change.

Always refer to your owner’s manual to find the best preventative maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Breakdowns can happen when you least expect it but regular service in our service department with Genuine Mitsubishi Parts at Sarasota Mitsubishi can avoid these problems.

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